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In the age of ‘Remix Culture’, there has been a surge in video mash-ups and other forms of remixes in similar media. This website provides contemporary themes and visuals from music videos and films adding sounds and mixing up the visual content to provide free media that is visually and sonically appeasing.

The films are based on the following genres and themes-


‘Raunchy’ films are intrinsically energetic and vulgar. They are High-Tempo and have quick cuts and active movement throughout the work to keep you at the tip of your toes. Not as involved as ‘Hyper’ films however, look below.


The Dark films are usually concerned with heavy use of black picture and occasionally feature some contrasting effects with much lighter pictures. Derived from various genres such as Horror, Thriller, Mystery and Film Noir.


Campy films may act as a parody of films with elevated humor and provide a fun and joyful experience as you ride through the film. Lighthearted and emotionally evoking.


These include erotic and picture perfect sensual films that are aesthetically pleasing. Simply eyecandy.


(New) Hyperactive videos with various pop-up elements, text, noises and sounds foreign to the initial film. More fun for the audience and way more energetic.

The second feature of our website is the ‘Visual Poetry’ section; this provides us a platform to personally publish poetry projects in stylized media format. These projects are all self-prompted with genres ranging from the acute minimalistic passive to the explicitly absurd and batshit crazy. Entertainment value is the core objective so sit back, relax and enjoy.

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