Music video writers, artists and directors have enjoyed fully-fledged freedom and liberty over their art without questioning. They’ve also failed to provide any insightful revelation on their overly vague and mysterious pieces of work.

There’s been a lot of confusion from the receiving end when it comes to understanding, interpreting and therefore judging these enigmatic pieces HENCE this page. We sit, crack down and rate these music videos based on what they truly are: EYECANDY. (with bits and pieces of cinematic references here and there.)

So we judge these videos based on Entertainment Value, Cleverness and Originality.

We also judge ‘faux-films’ (i.e. a long music video shrouded under the term ‘short film’) based on the same criteria.


Coming Soon:


‘Cold Cold Cold’, Cage the Elephant


‘Crying Lightning’, Arctic Monkeys

Look out for: